Mossad & I: The Biggest Mistake I Ever Made

Dr. David Russell-Weisz - WA Director General of Health

Dr. David Russell-Weisz – WA Director General of Health

Dr. David Russell-Weisz started working as WA Director General of Health in August 2015. Shortly afterward, Mossad took complete control of Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, SCGH.

It is obvious that Dr. Russell-Weisz is:
1. An agent of Mossad, the Israeli spy agency.
2. Very senior in the Mossad hierarchy in Australia.

Beth Rivkah

The biggest mistake I have ever made in my life happened about 8 years ago, when I saw a job advert online and decided to apply. I didn’t think about the application until I received an email inviting me for an interview. Even then, I didn’t think I would pass the interview and be selected for the job.

But to my pleasant surprise, I got the part-time job, a non-teaching position at Beth Rivkah Ladies College, Melbourne. I worked there for about two months before resigning. For privacy reasons, and out of respect for the institution, I won’t revel why I resigned.

However, years later, I realized that is how I came into Mossad’s cross-hairs. Looking back, it amazes me how that nondescript advert changed my life completely – in a very bad way. I have told myself many times: ‘I wish I never saw that ad’, or ‘I wish I never replied to that ad’, but I know such thoughts are all in vain.

Mossad’s Secrets

Over the years, as Mossad sought to destroy me, I have gained invaluable knowledge about their insidious tactics. Mossad expected to destroy me quickly without anyone else knowing about it, and the matter would end there.

Probably because of Mossad’s great successes in their criminal activities in the past, they started seeing themselves as gods. And when supremacism creeps in, people start making mistakes.

From what I have observed Mossad do as they sought to destroy me, I have become 100% convinced that their agents worship satan.

Dr. David Russell-Weisz

One year ago, I wrote Dr. Russell-Weisz an email but I didn’t receive a reply. About 3 weeks ago, I wrote him another email. Hopefully, this time he will reply.

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