Mossad’s Evil Tactics Against Me

I have named several Mossad agents that used to present themselves as normal employees at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, SCGH. I have also named several Mossad ‘Contractors’. However, in all cases, I have used only one name – the first name. The reason for that is because I only knew their first names, since they were all in different departments, and it was not easy to know their surnames.

If I knew their surnames, I would, without hesitation, write them here. But there are the unknowing Mossad associates or patsies, like a guy called Ali that I have referred to in a previous article. I did not know his surname, but even if I did, I wouldn’t write it here, since he did not know who he was working for, and it appeared like he was compelled to work for them. This is the same case for a certain SCGH employee, another patsy, called Alexis. She also did Mossad work against me, unknowingly.

Why Mossad Lies In Order To Have Innocent People Work For Them In Their Plots Against Me

The issue of Mossad and I, is extremely complicated and bizarre. It is extremely difficult to explain this ‘situation’ between me and Mossad, because I don’t think such a case has ever happened before, anywhere. I’ll try to summarise the issue regarding the sub-heading above.

When Mossad begun their evil schemes against me, they never, ever expected that I would find out. Maybe they had done such things for decades with a perfect success rate. My finding out about their scheme must have presented them with a very major problem: How do you take out someone who knows you want to take him out? And do it without the evidence pointing towards you?

It’s in their interest for the evidence to point away from them, but it is in my interest for the evidence to point towards them. On very many occasions, situations have been created whereby an ordinary person has acted in a manner to create enmity between themselves and myself. That would probably create a situation where there could be other people who could legitimately be seen as suspects if something happened to me.

But, in all these situations, I have refused to ‘accept’ the enmity – ie refused to take the bait. Reason is, in all the situations, there was evidence of planning and knowledge about certain complex matters that the person wanting us to become enemies could not possibly have the resources to do that. They were therefore acting under direct supervision of a more powerful organisation.

Example: Take the case of Ali, an employee at SCGH. He was stalking me when he was supposed to be working. I was supposed to take him as my number one enemy. But I couldn’t do that, since he must have been acting under the orders of someone high up. Otherwise, he would have been sacked for dereliction of duty. Furthermore, for him to be effective, he needed to know about my movements, where I was at a particular time etc.

That meant there had to be people monitoring me in order to feed him that information. He also needed to know my arrival times, days I was at work etc. That required more staff and monitoring equipment. In other words, there was an organisation behind his actions. My problem, therefore, was/is that organisation.

So, why does Mossad lie in order to have innocent people work for them in their plots against me? Because if they told the truth, nobody would accept their offer. They have to lie about who they are/who they represent, they have to lie and tell the potential recruit: ‘It’s just some guy we want to scare’ and ‘it won’t take long’…Because, if they said the truth, that they have been trying to frame me for years without success, the other party would most likely not agree to participate, and could even decide to report the matter to the authorities.

Why Mossad Behaved As If The World Would Come To An End If I Didn’t Stop Working At SCGH

Mossad’s show of force at SCGH puzzled me greatly, even though, as their target, neutral observers would expect me to know why. Since Mossad has been on my case for more than six years, I have learnt invaluable information about their power, objectives and tactics. However, since they obviously don’t share their plans with me, regarding the reason why they were so bothered by my working at SCGH, I can only guess why. And I believe it must be very close to the truth, if not the exact truth.

It is a very crucial part of Mossad’s tactics to besmirch their target’s name. I knew they were doing that, with much success. But when I went to work at SCGH, that presented them with a very major unforeseen problem, because to work in such a facility, one must have police clearance.

Suddenly, Mossad had a very serious problem to deal with: The people who had believed that I was such an evil person, were probably asking the agents(of course the agents presented themselves as just concerned citizens), ‘why is such a dangerous person working at SCGH, where he needs police clearance, yet you told us he is a dangerous criminal?’

So, Mossad had to use more lies, something like: ‘I heard through the grapevine that the investigation into his criminal activities is ongoing, and will be completed in a few weeks’. That way, they bought a few weeks time. Meanwhile, they were working extremely hard to have me terminated at SCGH. They thought it could be done in a few weeks. But I persevered, braved hardships, and avoided traps they never thought I could overcome.

And at SCGH, for Mossad to get people to use against me, they must have used same lies (presenting themselves as concerned citizens), something like: ‘We are monitoring this guy…he is being investigated for (insert the worst crimes you can think of here), but since the investigations are not complete, he couldn’t be denied the police clearance. So, if you could help…’ Any good person would volunteer to help sabotage/torment such an evil person.

Weeks turned into months. The pressure their agents were facing from the people they had lied to must have been unbearable. So, they had more Mossad agents start working at the facility, not only to monitor me, but also to help start and manage negative rumours and innuendo about me – more muscle, so to speak.

But why should Mossad agents be under pressure from people they had lied to about me, why not just disappear? Because the people who had believed those lies, probably felt it was their duty, as good citizens, to pass the information they had about me to the authorities so I could get arrested before I harmed someone at SCGH. Problem was that, if they did that, they would expose the criminals behind that information.

So the criminals behind that information couldn’t go anywhere. They had to monitor the people they had lied to so they don’t report them, thinking they are just doing their civic duty.

And on and on it went…

To The Good People Who Have Been Used By Mossad To Act Against Me

You probably realised later that you were lied to, that the people you worked for deliberately misrepresented themselves, and are in fact Mossad. Maybe you finally decided to do something about it, but every time you decided to report them, something came up.

Do you know why something always came up every time you wanted to report the people who lied to you and made you do very unethical or even criminal acts? Because, when they use you to do these unethical/illegal acts, then they know you can potentially destroy them. So they monitor you 24/7. They eavesdrop on all your conversations, they read your emails before you receive them, and they read what you communicate through your computer and phone apps, encrypted or not.

Ask yourself, why put you under so much pressure to do something unethical/illegal against another person, and also prevent you from talking about it? Why can’t they do those things to that subject directly, without involving third parties? How can they have leverage against you, and have no leverage against the subject(me)?

Please, ask yourself this question again: “Why does Mossad have leverage against me, and have no leverage against their target?” If you answered that question truthfully, then you might want to pass information about them to the authorities, or to the innocent target. I would greatly appreciate. Thank you in advance.


Killing a person is not difficult. What is difficult is killing a person in such a way that you won’t be found out. I know who would want to terminate me, and would do it in way that they wouldn’t be suspected. That is why I wrote my will and named the only organisation that would want to do that to me.

I wrote it in my own handwriting so that its validity would never be questioned. Among other things, I wrote that even if I was to die in an apparent accident, or an apparent natural cause, the suspect should always be Mossad.

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