When Mossad & I Crossed Paths For The 1st Time

The biggest mistake I have ever made in my life happened about seven years ago, when I saw a job advert online and decided to apply. I didn’t think about the application until I received an email inviting me for an interview. Even then, I didn’t think I would pass the interview and be selected for the job.

But to my pleasant surprise, I got the job, a non-teaching position at Beth Rivkah Ladies College. I worked there for about two months before resigning. For privacy reasons, and out of respect for the institution, I won’t revel why I resigned.

However, years later, I realized that is how I came into Mossad’s cross-hairs. Looking back, it amazes me how that advert changed my life – in a very bad way. I have told myself many times: ‘I wish I never saw that ad’, or ‘I wish I never replied to that ad’, but I know such thoughts are all in vain.

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