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The Day Mossad Made Me Feel Like A Martian

Sometime in 2016, I noticed very unusual activity in my area of work at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, SCGH. Whenever I went for my lunch break at the dining room, it would either be empty, or if someone was present, he or she would move out in a hurry.

At first, I just thought it was a coincidence, but subsequent events made me become aware it was all very well programmed.

And when I was inside, every few minutes, the door would open, someone would pop their head in, and upon seeing me, would step back and close the door behind him/her. After that happened many times, I realized what was going on. It was like I was being told: “Look here idiot, don’t you see nobody wants you here!”

The thought that would cross my mind was:’You do not offer me any fare, do you expect me to go back where I came from by foot?’

During my first week of work, we were told that kind of behavior amounted to bullying, and that the hospital had zero tolerance to bullying. But I had subsequently been told by someone high up that these incidents have to happen many times before it could be classified as bullying.

Under normal circumstances, such behavior would lead someone to feel very bad about oneself. Some people may choose to resign. Others have been known to take their own lives because of bullying.

But these were not normal circumstances. It was a well choreographed plot – a show of force by Mossad, the Israeli secret intelligence service(ISIS).

University Medical Interns

Just before these incidents started, some medical students from a local university had began an internship at SCGH. After some time, I noticed that several in the group were exhibiting behaviour similar to that exhibited by Mossad contractors. In addition, during that same period, the number of SCGH employees moonlighting as Mossad contractors had increased significantly in the area I was working.

I would guess that, by the time this bullying started, the ratio of Mossad agents, contractors, unknowing associates to the rest of the workforce in my work area was around 3:1. In other words, Mossad had flooded the area with their ‘team’.

That’s why I have stated before that Mossad had taken total control of SCGH. i.e. Mossad was running the hospital – at least in matters to do with hiring, firing and personnel deployment.

Public Bullying

My reaction wasn’t what one would expect, since I knew I wasn’t being bullied by ‘normal employees’. I actually thought it was a good thing that they were doing this bullying publicly, since a lot of other employees were witnesses.

And why were other employees joining in the bullying? I don’t think they were. They were simply outnumbered. And in any case, no one wants to complicate their lives. And during this time, after my break, upon coming out of the dining room, I would see the ‘Mossad group’ peeping at me from various corridors and open doors, the way one would stare at a martian. Therefore, if another employee decided to ‘break the embargo’ and joined me, they would also have to contend with more than two dozen eyes screaming at him/her for disobeying them.

At those times, I of course felt uncomfortable. But it is not something that bothered me minutes later, or made me lose sleep. I had more serious problems caused by Mossad to think about. The biggest problems I have had to deal with, in order of severity are:

1. Mossad’s attack on my children.

2. Torture by heat.

3. Direct attack (see below)

4. Sexual harassment.

One of the reasons I wasn’t so bothered by this type of bullying was because I knew there were many employees that must have been against it. And I know for a fact that some took action to stop it. I don’t know who did what, but this bullying eventually stopped.

Thanks to the person(s) that stopped the bullying. I can only thank you here since I don’t know your identity.

Change of Tactics

This public bullying by Mossad surprised me because they prefer plots that are without ‘external’ witnesses and that leave no evidence. My assumption was that they figured, ‘yes, its odd, but he would resign quickly, and the matter would be forgotten’.

They had prepared well, with plenty of contractors(like Barbara, Denise, Brenda) unknowing associates and one Mossad agent, Tamara, who claimed to be from Zimbabwe. They most likely also had other agents around, but I didn’t interact with them, so I couldn’t know.

They did not think I could withstand such a brutal show of force and hate.

Good Cop/Bad Cop

At the height of the bullying, when everyone would run out of the staff dining room whenever I entered, and people would peep at the door and then walk away when they saw me inside, one lady defied all that and started coming in and sitting down, a table or two from me during those breaks.

Contrary to what some people might expect, in my opinion, it did not necessarily mean she was against the bullying, or was ‘on my side’, so to speak. My interactions with Mossad agents and contractors over the years has taught me not to take things at face value.

I wanted to know whether she was a good person(against the bullying), or a bad person(for the bullying), so I started observing her interactions with other people, discreetly. Eventually, I discovered she was a Mossad contractor.

To give credit where it’s due, that was a very good tactic on Mossad’s part. Unfortunately for them, I did not fall for it.

I cannot recall the lady’s name. All I know about her is that I once heard her say she had a daughter in her twenties, who had studied nursing. Surprisingly, she did not look a day over forty.

Direct Attack

I once carried a fruit to eat during break. I left it in the fridge like everyone else. Shortly after I ate it, I had to camp in the bathroom. The same thing happened a few days later.

I couldn’t prove anything. But I knew that it was very possible for someone to inject something into a fruit, and that could be done very easily, given the environment. I also thought that whomever would do that, would do it in a way that it would cause someone to be unable to work well, and no solid reason for anyone to order an investigation.

From then on, I took great care in terms of how I packaged and handled my snacks.