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When Mossad’s Eavesdropping Didn’t Produce Expected Results

Dr. David Russell-Weisz - WA Director General of Health

Dr. David Russell-Weisz – WA Director General of Health

Dr. David Russell-Weisz started working as WA Director General of Health in August 2015. Shortly afterward, Mossad took complete control of Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, SCGH. It is obvious what that means.

There are certain events that happened at SCGH that made me realise that the person behind Mossad criminal activities at the hospital was much more senior than the top management at the institution.

Mossad loves eavesdropping on unsuspecting people. However, as Mossad must have learnt by now, eavesdropping is the easy part. Analysing and making correct use of the data so obtained is another matter altogether.

Playing God

When an underground criminal organisation with access to the most advanced surveillance technology, unlimited money and very well-paid and motivated personnel decides to play god, then they might discover that the true God cannot tolerate such sacrilege. They will obtain data that will lead to obvious conclusions, only to discover later that things are not always so clear cut.

Seven years ago, I discovered someone had planted a listening device either inside the house or nearby, and was listening to my conversations discreetly. I would not have known about the eavesdropping if the people listening to my conversations did not attempt to take advantage of what they heard.

Looking back, I know Mossad must have been super excited by what they heard me saying. That must have been the reason they established a sophisticated plot against me based on what they had heard me say.

But unbeknown to Mossad, what they heard meant something totally different. But they couldn’t know that, because human beings, regardless of how clever they might be, cannot possibly know everything about a person even though they are listening to his conversations 24/7. Ditto if they are watching him 24/7.

For privacy reasons, I will use an analogy to explain what Mossad heard, their reaction, and why their reaction made me realise someone was eavesdropping on me.

When What is Said Means Something Totally Different

A criminal entity plants a listening device in Jake’s home. One day they hear him say to himself: “If only I could find someone to sell me slugs for my powerful xyz rifle…I won’t mind buying at 10 times the retail price…Oh Gosh! If only it was legal to own such a rifle…”

If a law-abiding person heard Jake say that, he would probably inform the police about it. But a criminal organisation mind decide to take advantage of the situation. Now, if the said underground organisation actually wanted to destroy Jake, then hearing him say that would sound like sweet music to their ears.

So they decide to have someone pose as an underground seller of the slugs Jake wants.

But there is something they do not know. Jake has never owned an xyz rifle, nor is he looking to buy any bullets. He was just repeating a phrase he read in a memorable book years back.

When people start approaching him in the street asking to sell xyz bullets, he knows the only way they would connect him to such a matter is if they were listening to him talking in his own house. He thinks they might be the police, but he is not worried because if they wanted to search his house, he would gladly oblige, and was ready to explain why he talked about the illegal rifle.

Later, he discovers that the people trying to implicate him in illegal activity are not in any way allied to law enforcement, but actually intend to set him up.

My situation was similar to the description above, though it was a very different matter.


I have seen Mossad make many such erroneous assumptions based on the data they have collected about me. Interestingly, in all these years, Mossad have never been able to find a way to blackmail me. From their actions, I think they believed that everyone must have something in their past that can be used to blackmail them, or a weakness that can be used to exploit them.

Well, they now know not everyone falls in that category. I suppose Mossad has now updated their training manual in their college in Tel Aviv, Israel, taking into consideration the fact that some people are unblackmailable.


Mossad’s terrorism against me and my family has had very negative effects on all of us. The only positive thing is that after I discovered that Mossad had a backdoor they were using to by-pass all antivirus I ever used, I decided to stop using any in my phone or computer, including those of my immediate family, thus saving money.

Mossad – A Very Resourceful and Powerful Underground Organization

During all these years Mossad has been terrorizing me, I have come to realize that they are extremely powerful and resourceful, much more than I had thought before.

When I came to know that Mossad had declared me their enemy without giving any reasons, as a form of self-preservation, I came up with a list of things that I thought they were capable of doing. Among them was: ability to eavesdrop on my conversations 24/7, ability to read my emails and text messages, ability to monitor all my movements and ability to know everything I did online.

Since I knew they were trying to set me up or frame me, I then had to consider how I was going to act going forward so that the advantage they had over me would not result in a successful frame-up, set-up or blackmail. In all these years, though they have been unsuccessful in their plots, I have seen them do things and set traps that shocked me.

Through these interactions with Mossad, I have discovered why they have been the top spy agency in the world for so long. They have 3 advantages that other such agencies most likely do not have:

1. Mossad are never constrained by moral considerations. If they think some action is likely to produce results, they will do it, regardless of how immoral or criminal it is. Their only constraint is that their schemes must not be discovered by third parties.

2. Their agents do not possess any conscience that can hold them back. Mossad does not care about the age of a person. If they can score a certain advantage by attacking a baby in his crib, they will do it without any second thoughts. Ditto if the person in the wheelchair is a quadriplegic. They will attack her if that will lead to a positive result for them.

3. They have unlimited resources – monetary, human and technical.

Keeping Quiet

After I discovered Mossad had decided to destroy me, I did not tell a soul. Even if someone suspected there was something wrong with my situation, I always gave excuses. I continued to talk and behave normally, though with subtle changes here and there. That way, even if they were eavesdropping or whatever, they got nothing that could give them any extra advantage over me. And apparently, they were not aware that I knew they were behind my tribulations.

As a result, I observed Mossad tricks, traps and other evil activities they did against me for years, and was very shocked at what I learnt about their devious plots. I came to know that they wouldn’t pass an opportunity where I would be at a disadvantage, as long as nobody would suspect them to be behind the act.

Just like in the movies, where an unsuspecting person is befriended by a spy, they have desperately tried that trick on me countless times. I am 100% innocent. Mossad has been usurping the law while sabotaging me because they have nothing on me. That’s why they have been trying to frame me for years, destroying my life completely in the process.

Testing Mossad

Mossad have tried to bait me hundreds of times, but I never took the bait. I could not believe it when I baited Mossad and they swallowed it whole – hook, line and sinker.

I was working at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, SCGH. One day, out of the blue, I decided to test whether indeed Mossad was eavesdropping on me while I was inside the house. The windows and door were shut, and the TV was on. There was no way someone outside would hear what I was saying, unless…

Anyway, I told someone about something I really needed, and suggested the price in the store was more than I could afford. I added that, if the item was sold at a certain price, I would have bought it.

The next day, I went to work as usual. At work, there was a noticeboard that I looked at every day. It usually had personal notices from SCGH employees in that hospital section. I had never seen a notice there about selling/buying. On that day, however, there was a notice about someone selling the item I had talked about in my house, and the price was slightly below the one I had quoted.

The seller had included their phone number, and the suburb. They also indicated it was ready for pickup at their residence. A coincidence?

Having confirmed that, I decided to test something else. For some time, I had suspected that, not only could Mossad hear me when I talked inside the car, they also seemed to see inside the car, even when there was no other car nearby. So, once again, I decided to lay down my bait.

I had something on the car seat. Suddenly, I pretended to get an allergic attack. I looked at the item, as if it were the culprit, found a place to stop, and threw it in the boot. The next day when I went to work at SCGH, the item was everywhere – yet, I had never seen it before in the hospital.

And on several occasions, I noticed someone discreetly pushing it towards me. I wonder what they thought when they realized the item had no effect on me.

That was extraordinary resourcefulness. I was truly flabbergasted.


Mossad have abnormal tactics. If they cannot blackmail you, they will blackmail other people they believe may have easy access to you, so that they act on Mossad’s behalf. Of course, this would be done as a last resort, when everything, including monetary inducement has failed.

I know of a person at SCGH that Mossad blackmailed, in an effort to get the person’s help in their plots against me. To protect the person’s identity, I won’t mention the gender. I was surprised to see Mossad blackmailing this person because we were not close at all. We were only acquaintances. Not even close acquaintances. But I guessed why they chose the person, though I cannot write about that due to privacy reasons.

I have never talked to any person Mossad has used against me, about their relationship with Mossad, how they were recruited, what they did etc. because any such person would most likely be very offended, even if they were reluctant participants(not in the least because they didn’t know it was Mossad they were working for).

Back to the person being blackmailed by Mossad. I was certain the person was very, very reluctant to get involved. And Mossad, acting like the Mafia, always had one of their contractors close by, probably to confirm the person did as they were told to do.

I felt very sorry for the person being blackmailed. All I could do was to avoid that person as much as I could, to try to ameliorate his/her suffering, so to speak. After a few weeks, Mossad realized I was avoiding the person, and so their plan couldn’t go ahead.

I wondered what they had on that person.