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SCGH: The 4th Mossad Agent

I have previously written about 3 Mossad agents that I knew, and who presented themselves as normal employees at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, SCGH.

Well, there was a fourth agent, though I did not exactly have direct interactions with him, and I only saw him for a very short period of time.

He was a short, thin guy – the smallest of the agents. What caught my attention about his behavior was his habit of wanting to be nondescript, wanting to remain unseen, anonymous. Unlike the other agents who wanted me to see them, and interact with them in order to bring familiarity, this guy behaved in the opposite way.

Considering that he was the latest Mossad agent unleashed on me at the hospital, it was logical that they would want him to act that way, in an opposite way, because they had most likely realized I had recognized the others by their behaviors and body language.

I never knew the name of the agent. He was small, but I could tell from his movements that he was all bone and muscle.

One day, I was in a staff dining area and he happened to come in and proceeded to start preparing a fruit to eat. It was only the two of us around. He seemed nonchalant in his actions, but I could tell by the way he handled the knife that he was no ordinary employee. He had superb knife skills, in a violent way.

On another day, I was walking along a deserted basement corridor that was only used by employees, usually as a short cut. Something told me to look behind me. And there was the guy, very close to me, only about two metres away. I wondered where he had come from, since I had not heard any footsteps. I guessed he must have been hiding somewhere in the basement.

He made me very, very uncomfortable. In fact, he is the only Mossad agent at SCGH that made me feel physically threatened. I couldn’t let him walk behind me like that, so I went to the other side of the corridor, walking in a way that I could see where he was at all times.

The same situation was repeated the next day. I was now not in any doubt who he was working for. I wondered, could he have been given instructions to knife me in the back?

After his second appearance at the basement right behind me, I never saw him again. I supposed that he had reported that I was extremely suspicious of him, and whatever instructions he had, would be difficult to carry out.