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Mossad: Committing Criminal Acts Openly

Dr. David Russell-Weisz - WA Director General of Health

Dr. David Russell-Weisz – WA Director General of Health

Dr. David Russell-Weisz started working as WA Director General of Health in August 2015. Shortly afterward, Mossad took complete control of Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, SCGH.

It is obvious that Dr. Russell-Weisz is:
1. An agent of Mossad, the Israeli spy agency.
2. Very senior in the Mossad hierarchy in Australia.

Mossad Team at SCGH

After years of observing Mossad committing criminal acts openly, I have come to identify three categories of people they use:

Mossad Agents: I knew three of them who presented themselves as normal employees at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, SCGH. They are Joseph, who claimed to come from Eritrea, Tamara, who claimed to come from Zimbabwe, and Svetlana, or Katerina (not sure of the name), who claimed to come from an Eastern European country (can’t recall which). I will call her Katerina.

I guess I wasn’t paying attention when she told me her name, because I never got it, yet am sure she told me her name more than once.

Mossad ‘Contractors’: These are people who might not be Mossad agents, but carry out unethical/illegal tasks given to them by Mossad knowingly, or at least could have reason to suspect they may be working for Mossad or an ally of Mossad, but they don’t mind working for them.

An example is a senior employee at SCGH called Barbara, whose office is based next to ward C16. Barbara has unique appearance, not least of which are her unmistakably fake boobs.

Mossad ‘Unknowing Associates’: These are people who are 100% innocent. They carry out tasks for Mossad unknowingly, and would be greatly offended if they found out Mossad was behind their actions. An example is a guy called Ali that I have referred to in an earlier post.

Katerina & I

I knew Katerina was a Mossad agent from her mannerisms. I could tell she was a pro. Her body structure showed she was quite strong, probably well trained in hand-to-hand combat. I noticed that she always made sure she was aware where I was at all times. I, on the other hand, behaved as though I was not aware that she was spying on me.

Something I noticed about the Mossad agents I met at the hospital was that they were very friendly and courteous. And Katerina was no exception.

If I went to talk to another hospital employee, she would show up mysteriously. Many are the times she also joined the conversation discreetly. After a few weeks, I was certain she was a Mossad agent.

She tried very hard to create a kind of friendship between us, but since it was not in my interest, I did all I could to keep her at a distance.

I had known earlier that one of the missions of the agents was to besmirch my name. I had no doubt that Katerina was doing her part behind my back, discreetly destroying my reputation among my colleagues, but, of course, I had no evidence. I wondered what her other missions were.

Later, I found out about her second mission regarding me.

Katerina Missions

Since Mossad has been on my case for a long time, I have become curious and wondered how they operate. I have wondered, how are they able to make an ordinary person do something bad/unethical against me? And yet when I try to explain my side of the story, the other person (normally a very good person) is not the least interested in my explanation?

I once had the opportunity to understand how they operate regarding this matter. One day, I was told by two colleagues that a certain guy, who also worked at the hospital was looking for me. I will call him Troy (not his real name).

A few minutes later, as I was resting in a room alone, Troy came. He was very, very furious with me. In all the time I have worked at the hospital, I have never seen another person so openly angry with me.

Because of my situation, it is very important that I walk away from such belligerent persons. But the guy was standing at the door, so there was no escape for me. He was accusing me of something I had not done, so I tried to explain, but he would hear none of it. We started arguing. I lost control, and the argument turned into a quarrel. We were within a few seconds of a fistfight when another hospital employee separated us.

When I cooled down and thought clearly about that situation, there was no doubt on my mind that it was all a set-up. I was certain someone had deliberately fed Troy wrong information, and cleverly incited him against me.

Could Mossad have been behind the altercation, and what would they gain? Well, I have come to learn about some very unusual Mossad tactics. For instance, they don’t send someone to beat you up, as everyone else would do if they hate someone.

They will send someone to provoke you, so you can lose your temper, beat up that person, and you end up in jail. That is why they can terrorise a person without them technically breaking the law.

Katerina Confirms Working for Mossad

A few weeks after the incident with Troy, Katerina approached me and told me about a certain matter. If I had any doubt that she was a Mossad agent, that doubt ended right there. I immediately knew she was the person who had incited Troy against me, because what she told me regarding another hospital employee (I will call him Pi, not his real name) was meant to incite me to go into a rage against Pi, in the same way Troy had done against me.

Apparently, she didn’t know I knew who she was working for. I wasn’t interested in her cock and bull story. I think she realised then that I was suspicious of her. I never saw her again.

From that Katerina inciting incident, I learnt why Mossad is so successful when they want an ordinary person to perform a bad/unethical/illegal task for them.

1. The person telling you something, tells it in a way to prove to you they are not interested in what they are telling you. There is no benefit the person giving you the information will gain by passing you that information.
2. They have the advantage of knowing someone’s plans beforehand because they have backdoor access to most mobile phone/computer software.
3. They have plenty of ‘contractors’(or robots) who inform them about anyone asking around about their activities, so they can halt or change plans before any third party catches them committing criminal acts.
4. They play mind games.

Mossad’s Use of Unusual Tactics

I will use an analogy to explain some tactics I have seen Mossad use, and how a good person can be used by them without knowing, to hurt a person on their behalf.

Consider this situation: A man recently came to live in a nearby house. He is called Jack, and is right-handed, like most people are. Someone informs you that he pities Jack so much because he is left-handed, but he is so self-conscious about it, and forces himself to use his right hand…

Now, if someone tells you that, the last thing on your mind would be that it could be a lie. Why would someone lie about something like that? What would he gain? So you will believe that story about Jack.

If a few weeks later you hear a rumour about a pervert thought to be living in the area, and it is believed he is naturally left-handed, what will come to your mind? You might want to discuss the issue of Jack with a few friends…

You might not even remember the person who first told you about him. That is how Mossad operates.

The Day Mossad Took Control of My Phone

Dr. David Russell-Weisz - WA Director General of Health

Dr. David Russell-Weisz – WA Director General of Health

Dr. David Russell-Weisz started working as WA Director General of Health in August 2015. Shortly afterward, Mossad took complete control of Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, SCGH. It is obvious what that means.

Sometime in 2015, as I was sitting at SCGH staff dining area reading something on my phone, it suddenly went out of control, playing strange sounds at maximum volume. I was quite startled and tried lowering the volume using the side button, but nothing happened. The loud noise continued.

I was quite embarrassed, though luckily, only a few people were present. I tried switching it off – nothing happened. No button on the phone was working, while the very loud strange noises continued.

Finally, I managed to open the back case and removed the battery (It was an older Android phone with a removable battery). That is when it went off. I wondered how that had happened.

I decided to not to reconnect the battery until I went home after work. Later that evening, I switched it on again. Upon analysing it, I realized that someone had just taken control of my phone remotely. I then made sure no one would be able to take control of it remotely again.

Live Broadcast

The next day, I went to a smaller staff room during my break. No other person was present. A few minutes later, Katerina, a Mossad agent also working at SCGH, came in, greeted me and sat opposite me across the table. I answered her greetings politely, as I always did when a Mossad agent or Mossad contractor greeted me.

I went back to my phone, while she also appeared to be fiddling with hers.

Without looking at her, I noticed she kept craning her neck, trying to see what exactly I was doing on my phone. In my estimation, she appeared a bit unsettled, like someone waiting for something very important to happen.

I assumed that what had happened the day before was just a dry run. On this day, they were most likely prepared to take control of my phone again, and either broadcast something that would greatly embarrass me, or create panic in the hospital. They probably hoped to accomplish that within the several seconds it would take me to react and remove the battery.

I knew such a tactic couldn’t work. Despite my unfortunate situation, the fact that Katerina was sitting opposite me waiting for something to happen, and knowing that despite their limitless resources they couldn’t make it happen, I thought it to be quite amusing.

I am not surprised to note that they don’t make phones with removable batteries anymore.

Censured on Twitter & Gab.ai

For several months now, I have noticed that if my tweet receives a reply, a like or a retweet, it is immediately muted. And if I retweet or reply to someone else’s tweet, my reply/retweet is immediately muted. This is the situation as of 6 May, 2018.

Therefore, I am only allowed to tweet, as long as nobody likes the tweet. And I have no right to like other people’s tweets. I wrote to Twitter support months ago but did not receive any response. What is surprising is that the muted tweets are just mundane conversations.

So I went to Gab.ai, and same thing happened. In addition, at Gab, I realised that I couldn’t even post or read my notifications anymore ie I am banned in all but name. What I find to be quite unusual is that, in all these situations, I have never received any communication from either Twitter or gab.ai informing me of the reasons behind the censorship.