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The Day I Was Almost Knifed, in Broad Daylight

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When a very powerful spy agency declares an ordinary person as their No.1 enemy, then only God can protect such a person, and save him from being killed. I know that I am only alive because of grace of the Almighty Lord.

Since Mossad has been on my case for many years, I have learnt plenty about their tactics. For instance, I have learnt about the type of people – Unknowing Associates – they use to perform various activities for Mossad.

I have explained in an earlier article how 4 years ago, Mossad pressured a doctor to deliberately misdiagnose me.

Most doctors wouldn’t agree to deliberately misdiagnose someone, regardless of the tactics used to intimidate them, and in fact, would most likely report the person pressuring them to do that.

So, how did Mossad do it, and made sure the doctor wouldn’t report them to the authorities?

I have discovered that Mossad has studied behaviours of people/communities/nations from around the world, and grouped them into various categories – e.g. “this category of people, if one of them is a doctor, we can easily manipulate him/her to do a,b,c; but we wouldn’t be able to manipulate people in these categories to do that, without risking being found out…”

“This category of people, we can easily manipulate them to stab our subject; but we wouldn’t be able to manipulate people in these categories to do that, without risking being found out…” etc.

Mossad has made me know a lot of things that most people do not know about them; Information that I never set out to know about.

Consequently, I use the information I have learnt from Mossad to boost my chances of remaining alive. For instance, a few years ago, I was supposed to undergo a certain procedure in hospital.

I met the doctor who was to do the procedure, and he informed me of the day I was to return to hospital for the procedure.

That doctor had the profile of the type of doctor Mossad would use to do whatever they wanted. Naturally, there was no way I was going back for that appointment. I used excuses to cancel the appointment.

NOTE: The profile of the doctor is not what most people would expect. In fact, I believe that, if 100 doctors from various backgrounds were lined up, including 1 who fits the “Mossad profile”, and random people asked to select the one Mossad would use to misdiagnose or even kill patients, 99.9999% of people would fail.

That is how good Mossad is. They use people you wouldn’t expect. That is why they are so successful.

It is also important to note that these UNKNOWING people Mossad uses are not bad people. They are ordinary people who nevertheless get manipulated to do criminal acts, believing they are doing it to make the world better.

How is this possible?

I will use an analogy: Suppose you know that a certain person has kidnapped 2 young children, and is hiding them in his house. Suppose you also know that the kidnapper is not giving the children food or water.

Suppose you also know that the authorities are hiding behind “red tape”, and are refusing to do anything about it…

Under the circumstances, there are many ordinary citizens who would take it upon themselves to save the children, and even kill the kidnapper, if necessary.

A resourceful, criminal spy agency would only need to convince someone that the events above are real, if they want a manipulatable person to kill an innocent man, believing he is doing it for the common good.

That is how Mossad operates. Using these kind of tactics, they make good people commit criminal acts for them.

In the example above, most people wouldn’t believe that it is possible that the authorities could let the kids die. However, a few people would believe it. The advantage Mossad has is that they know exactly the kind of people who would believe the story.

Through Mossad activities around me, I have also come to know about the type of persons they are most likely to use to do A,B,C against me. I then use this knowledge to minimise risk to myself.

Obviously, I cannot eliminate Mossad’s dangers towards me, I can only lower the risk.

Knife Attack

A few months ago, I went to a certain store in a shopping centre not too far away from home. It was during daytime. I parked my car about 10 metres from the store, and walked towards the entrance.

I saw a certain lady standing a few metres from the entrance. She was talking on her mobile. Although there were other people around, within a fraction of a second, I figured that the lady was there because of me i.e. she had been sent by Mossad. (Yes, Mossad follows me around, and have done so for years)

Within one second, I had noticed that the lady fit the profile of someone Mossad would send to do something that would inconvenience me at the store.

I am used to these kind of tactics, so I would still go ahead and buy whatever I was buying, while trying to make sure the inconveniencing tactics don’t succeed, if possible.

Anyway, the woman did not enter the store, as I had expected. She just went on speaking on the phone.

I went into the store, bought what I needed, and walked out. I had walked about 3-4 metres from the store’s exit when some guy suddenly appeared in front of me, begging for “a few coins”.

In these kind of situations, you have to think and act very, very fast.

I have never seen a real beggar blocking someone. Yet, this guy was not only blocking me, he was very close to me, occupying my personal space.

I immediately side-stepped him, and walked quickly towards my car. He followed me briefly, but I entered my car and quickly closed the door. The guy then walked away.

The fact that the “beggar” followed me briefly, proved that he was no real beggar. There were other people 5-10 metres away he could have gone to beg from, after I ignored him. But he didn’t do that.

I saw his hand press something sharp in his jumper, as he walked away. I knew then what was going on.

I continued observing him, and surprise! He walked straight to the lady I had noticed earlier – the one on the phone. The woman-on-the-phone had by now walked away from the store, about 20 metres away.

They chatted furiously, no wonder cussing for not succeeding in doing what they had been paid to do.

This is what I believe was happening:

Mossad was observing my movements, inside and outside the store, using various cameras. Mossad agents OUTSIDE Australia were watching these cameras and talking to the woman-on-the-phone – using an untraceable phone with a number disguised as an Australian phone number – guiding her about where I was, and what she was supposed to do…

The woman-on-the-phone was probably using hand gestures to guide the guy-with-the-knife.

NB: I believe the woman-on-the-phone was talking to Mossad agents abroad because Mossad would know if the plan succeeded, the lady on the phone would quickly be found to be a co-suspect in the murder.

Therefore, they would make sure there would be no traceable connection between Mossad and the 2 would-be killers. The 2 would probably have been recruited through their local drug-supplier, who in turn, wouldn’t know the real name or contacts of the person who made him hire the 2 would-be killers.

The woman-on-the-phone and the guy-with-the-knife, both fit the profiles of people Mossad would use for such a criminal activity.

They were probably made to believe that, if the guy-with-the-knife was positioned very close to me, the store camera wouldn’t capture the knife attack, since I would be blocking the view.

They were also probably convinced that, since there was some talking between us, he would be able to claim self-defence…Get 1-2 years in prison, then come out to enjoy the $500,000 they would be paid, in cash.

Obviously, the woman-on-the-phone and the guy-with-the-knife would both be selected by Mossad because, apart from having the right profile for the job, they would be daft enough to believe that the self-defence story would be bought by anyone.

Also, both would almost certainly be drug-addicts.

Anyway, I survived that day.

I also survived another dangerous plot about 1 month before the store incident.

Due to these 2 incidents, I have adjusted my routine, to minimise risk.

Dr. David Russell-Weisz is the WA Director General of Health

Dr. David Russell-Weisz, WA Director General of Health

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Mossad Spy Lived in Kenyan Village Undetected

Mossad sent their agent to my home village in Kenya.

I never, ever imagined Mossad, or any other spy agency, would be able to pull off such a move. But Mossad did it, and no one suspected a thing.

Mossad did not send their agent to visit my home village. No. They sent their agent to live there, disguised as just another Kenyan.

Hats off to Mossad.

This matter hit me so close, that I cannot disclose certain issues – like how exactly I discovered that the person was a Mossad agent – because of privacy reasons.

I am not talking about a town or urban area, I am talking about a village in rural Kenya, where everyone knows everyone else, and therefore it is extremely difficult for a stranger to embed himself/herself there without raising suspicion.

Yet, Mossad pulled it off, without anyone in the village suspecting that the new villager was a foreigner, let alone a foreign spy.

Obviously, the agent was Black. With a local name. Apparently, Mossad had trained their agent about life in rural Kenya for such a long time such that she even spoke the local language fluently.

Like I have stated before, when you play god, the TRUE God will prove to you that you are just a mere earthling.

Mossad likes to play god. But the true God works in mysterious ways.

Consider the following: Mossad had done their homework perfectly. They used their infinite resources to embed their agent in the village without raising any suspicion.

Now, if Mossad was just patient, they would have waited till I went to visit the village. Their agent, being a good neighbour to my relatives, would have many excuses to come into close proximity to me, without me becoming suspicious…People die of heart attacks all the time. Nothing suspicious. Case closed.

However, for whatever reasons, they just couldn’t avoid using their agent to do some hatchet jobs aimed at slandering me, as she waited for the big assignment.

Malicious Rumour

So, Mossad used their agent to start a very bad rumour about me in the village (of course, nobody thought it was a malicious rumour, therefore, nobody suspected her or anyone else of starting it).

Example of how a rumour can be started, and people don’t realise it is a deliberate plot to misinform: You hear someone speaking on the phone, saying “You mean Peter went to Brazil…I didn’t know that…”

If someone tells you the next day: “I haven’t seen Peter in a while…” You might tell him, “I heard someone saying he went to Brazil…” So the story spreads that Peter went to Brazil.

However, the person who was talking on the phone about Peter going to Brazil was actually lying. His job was just to start the rumour without appearing to be doing so.

Because of how the story about Peter “going to Brazil” started, most people will take it as fact.

That is how Mossad operates. Using these kind of tactics, they can, and do spread all type of misinformation regarding their targets.

Back to the malicious rumour about me started by Mossad in my home village in Kenya.

The rumour did not have the final effect Mossad had expected. However, the rumour started a chain of events that led me to expose their agent embedded in the village.

I cannot go into details, obviously. But, suffice it to say that in their calculation, Mossad thought it impossible that I would get to know about the rumour. But I did.

Mossad had probably calculated that, although it is my home village, I never lived there as an adult, though my close relatives live there. Therefore, I did not follow issues about the village. And this is very true.

I was just lucky, and Mossad was unlucky. The probability of me knowing about the rumour might have been 1/1,000,000,000, yet I came to know about it.

The Lord works in mysterious ways.

The nature of that rumour was such that it couldn’t have been believed by anyone who knew me well, unless Mossad had their agent embedded in the village, and was discreetly pushing the rumour.

That is how I found out about their agent, and did what any law-abiding person would do under such circumstances.

NOTE: Even though I have previously explained that Mossad have certainly used Kenyan Private Investigators in their terror plots against me, in this case, I knew that local private investigators were not involved – couldn’t pull it off. It was too sophisticated for them.

Extrapolation – Shot in the Dark

I cannot write here about how exactly Mossad managed to embed their agent in a rural Kenyan village without raising suspicion. However, I became aware of their extraordinary tactics of quietly embedding their agents wherever they wanted, by using an agent that looked like the locals, spoke like them, and behaved like them.

All I needed to do, was look at online profiles of random people in Kenya, and see whether any of them fitted the characteristics or mien of a person who could have been embedded into Kenyan society by Mossad.

Voila! I just saw one such person, a well known young lady in Kenya. Her photo is below.

Ann, Mossad spy living in Kenya

Six weeks ago, I said publicly, “this girl could be a Mossad agent”?

The girl immediately went into hiding. She has not yet emerged from hiding, more than a month later.

Web articles mentioning the probability that she could be a Mossad agent were blocked by search engines.

NOTE: If you are a Mossad agent embedded into Kenyan society, it automatically means that you are using a fake, forged ID – A crime.

In Kenya, you must provide finger prints to get an ID. Therefore, if you have never had a genuine Kenyan ID…

Mossad Spy attends wedding in Kenyan village

Mossad Spy attends wedding in Kenyan village

Mossad’s Dr. David Russell-Weisz

Dr. David Russell-Weisz started working as WA Director General of Health in August 2015. Shortly afterward, Mossad took complete control of Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, SCGH.

It is obvious that Dr. Russell-Weisz is:
1. An agent of Mossad, the Israeli spy agency.
2. Very senior in the Mossad hierarchy in Australia.

Dr. David Russell-Weisz - Western Australia Director General of Health

Dr. David Russell-Weisz – Western Australia Director General of Health