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Mossad, Dr. David Russell-Weisz & I

Dr. David Russell-Weisz - WA Director General of Health

Dr. David Russell-Weisz – WA Director General of Health

Dr. David Russell-Weisz started working as WA Director General of Health in August 2015. Shortly afterward, Mossad took complete control of Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, SCGH.

It is obvious that Dr. Russell-Weisz is:
1. An agent of Mossad, the Israeli spy agency.
2. Very senior in the Mossad hierarchy in Australia.

What I Would Ask Dr. David Russell-Weisz If He Gave Me A Chance

1. Sir, did you give the order for a doctor to deliberately misdiagnose me?

2. Sir, did you give the order for me to be baked with heat at SCGH?

3. (Only if one or more of the answers above is yes): Sir, do you worship satan?

Mossad: Inspired By Lucifer

During the years Mossad has been terrorising me, I have seen them execute plots that left me in no doubt that they worship lucifer. Unfortunately, it is not possible to write about these activities because they are too diabolical to reveal.

However, there are the less shocking tactics Mossad uses that nevertheless shows that their agents are really twisted and sick. I guess it is the training they undergo that turns them into demonic creatures.

An example of a Mossad plot against me(will use different words for privacy): Someone at work asks you to give your opinion about the sport of fencing. Now, you have never played the sport and you have no interest in it, and you tell him as much.

He tells you something like: “It is okay to like the sport…I actually think its a cool sport.”

The next day, at different times, two work colleagues introduce the matter of fencing, and ask you to give your opinion about it. You answer the same way. By this time, you have started wondering what is going on.

The day after that, another person wants to talk about fencing. Now, you are certain something is going on because, before this incidences, no person had ever asked you to discuss the sport.

You are on edge. You feel like you can strangle anyone who will ever prod you to discuss that sport again. But they don’t stop.

Psychological Warfare

You hypothesise that Mossad has probably started a rumour at work that you are so passionate about the fencing sport, but you don’t like discussing it with other people because you believe they will think you are weird.

You think that is what is happening because some of the colleagues nagging you about the sport are very good people and you are certain they are not being malicious.

You suspect that Mossad is using this tactic hoping that you will lose your mind.

A normal person cannot create these kind of schemes. That is why I believe Mossad is inspired by lucifer himself.

Currently, Mossad motto is: By Way of Deception Thou Shalt Do War.

I think it should be: By Lucifer’s Inspiration, Thou Shalt Do War.

Mossad’s Use of Evil Psychology and Hyperbole

After suffering under Mossad’s terror for many years, I have come to know about many of their underground tactics. And I have come to the conclusion that the criminal Israeli spy agency must have a retinue of evil psychologists and other ‘mind’ experts, who come up with schemes about how to terrorise someone in such a way that nothing can be done about it, because the strategies are so unusual that a normal person cannot conceptualise such a plot.

In my opinion, from what I have experienced, I have no doubt that these psychologists worship Satan. Maybe not directly, but their plots seem to be inspired by Lucifer himself. At the very least, Satan must be impressed by these Mossad tactics.


One Mossad tactic they like using is the hyperbole, or exaggerated actions. I believe this is meant to make people never to link them to the activity. For instance, I have never heard a case whereby a passenger plane was brought down from the sky just because the attacker wanted to kill one person who was onboard. So if a shadowy organisation did that, nobody would ever suspect (a) they were behind it, and (b) they only did it to eliminate just one person aboard, while the rest were collateral damage.

A powerful shadowy organisation could do that by using a patsy with a certain grudge or extreme ideology, organise everything for him, while that patsy will be believing those assisting him are fellow sympathisers to his cause.

Mossad took control of, and sabotaged a big institution just because they hated to see me working there. Nobody would think that is possible, yet it is a fact.

Another example of Mossad’s use of hyperbole is below, under the subheading ‘Mossad’s Obsession…’

Satanic But Not Illegal

Another very unusual and extremely evil tactic Mossad uses is to find a method to commit criminal acts in such a way that the normal laws may not apply. They use tactics that are so evil that the crime is not recognised because no one has ever thought about it i.e. It belongs only in Satan’s world.

For instance, there are many laws that protect children from dangerous adults. But those laws have not considered a situation whereby a Satanic adult could recruit a parent, and that parent’s child is used to commit the crime. Who ever thought a 6 or 7 year-old could be recruited by adults to exploit another minor? Hyperbole maybe?

In my case, my very young child was attacked very severely psychologically, and turned into a zombie. To understand what was going on, I decided to study the child very closely. I was certain Mossad was behind it. I also suspected that they must have used another child, through that child’s parent. The parent may have been paid to do it.

As I was thinking about how to go about it, I accidentally found out that my prediction was 100% accurate. I even got the kid’s name from a third party, without asking my child about it.

One day I will write about that incident, why my child’s brainwashing by Mossad was stopped suddenly, and why I did not pursue the matter any further.

Mossad’s Sick Obsession With Sex

Because of Mossad’s terrorism, I don’t do things like other people do. For instance, if there are 10 similar stores in my home area that sell a particular item that I need on a regular basis, unlike what most people would do, that is, always go to the nearest, I will go to different stores at random.

However, there are certain businesses that I go to once or twice a week, though at random times and days. I don’t do this to eliminate risk, since that is impossible. I do this so as to minimise risk.

There is a particular store that I would go to once or twice a week. About 9 months ago, a certain new young lady was at the cashier. As time went on, I noticed that she was much more friendly with me than the others. Also, I would almost always find her at the cash register. Nothing unusual, since an employer and customers would prefer the friendliest cashier.

About 3 months later, I started getting the feeling that she was going beyond just being friendly, but I assumed maybe she is just like that naturally. A few weeks after that, I confirmed beyond any doubt that she was a plant. Unfortunately, I cannot state exactly the things she was doing, and how she was acting, that made me arrive at that conclusion, because I don’t want to write dirty stuff.

But suffice it to say that she acted in an extremely sexualised manner. And not once or twice. It’s many times, till there was no doubt on my mind about what was going on. I had seen Mossad’s agents, contractors and unknowing associates use that sick tactic many times before. I decided not to go to that store again.

About two weeks later, I went to shop in another supermarket. It is a supermarket I had shopped for years, going there about once a month. On this day, I was served by a cashier I hadn’t seen before. She behaved in a more sexualised and aggressive manner than the cashier in the previous incident. Once more, I decided not to be going to that supermarket again.

Several days later, I went to fuel my car. After fuelling, I went into the shop to pay. As I was paying, the female attendant told me something that shocked me. As I was driving away, I thought about what she had said.

I concluded that she was probably a prostitute using the job to find customers. But when I looked at that matter clearly, I told myself that was very unlikely, since there are far much easier methods to find customers, like online/apps etc. “So, does it mean she has been planted there specifically to target me?” I wondered.

Since I went to that petrol station only about once a month, then it meant that Mossad had probably mapped all the places I go to several times a year, and planted women and girls with express instructions on how to act whenever they saw me. Another hyperbole?

It appears like a hyperbole, but in fact, within a few weeks, I discovered that Mossad had indeed planted women and girls at all the places I went to regularly, even if only once a month. And they all acted in a similar manner, harassing me continuously. And there was no way I could survive without going to some of these places.

Some of the sexual activities they did, I have never even seen or read about anywhere. The ideas must have come from some extremely depraved and very mentally sick individuals.

Unbelievably, none of these sick activities have happened in the past month. Indeed, for the first time in many years, my family and I have gone for a whole month without experiencing any twisted Mossad plot against us. I hope things will continue this way.


Surprisingly, even though Mossad has used a lot of people in their evil schemes against me, I know for a fact that more than 90% of these people do not even know my name. And I have reason to believe Mossad discourages, maybe even forbids them, to find out details about me, including the name.

At first this puzzled me, but upon thinking about it, I realised it was a very clever tactic.

So how do they know it’s me? I think maybe Mossad uses a photo, and tells them, this is the man, when you see him, do A,B,C. Or maybe they have some other method of notifying their associates that I have arrived.

Hidden File

I once had an urgent matter with a certain public department. Everything was in order, and the matter was supposed to be concluded within 3 days. After ten days passed without hearing from the department, I decided to give them a call. The person on the other end indicated the matter was supposed to have been concluded more than a week earlier.

I was told they would check what was happening and get back to me. I did not receive a call back. So I called the next day. Nobody seemed to know where the problem was. So I decided to go to the office personally. I talked to the clerk, the clerk went to check with other officials, but couldn’t give me a clear answer about what was going on.

To give a perspective about the matter: It is the type of matter where you fill documents in office A, then they probably take the file to office B(maybe physically and electronically), and office B sends the file to office C, then office C concludes the matter and sends you the report.

Now, my problem was that when I went to office A, they could not confirm whether the file was stuck in A or B or C. They could not even give me a definitive answer to a very simple question. In other words, someone was deliberately sitting on my file. I couldn’t believe it. This kind of activity is probably unheard of in first world countries. Naturally, I knew who was behind it.

I believe the motive was: If the matter was not resolved within one month, then the matter would be overtaken by events, and I would suffer a lot because of it. So Mossad had gotten someone to sit on the file for thirty days.

I kept calling, and even went back to the office, but it was all to no avail. After more than two weeks had passed since the matter was supposed to have been concluded, without any new developments, I realised I had to try another method.

I went online and searched for the official email of the department’s head office. I prepared and sent an email detailing what was going on. I was lucky because I received a positive email response within two hours of sending mine.

The author sympathised with my situation, and told me that he/she(protecting identities here) sympathised with my situation, and would look at the matter asap. A few hours later, the same person sent me another email – it was actually a forwarded email. The original recipient was the person sitting on my file.

Basically, the email said that all my documents were in order, and could the person sitting on my file try to finish the matter the same day, since it was urgent? Of course, the person sitting on my file was addressed by name, and there was no suggestion about that in the email.

I think the author of the email suspected the person sitting on my file was up to no good, and made sure to include screenshots showing where my case was stuck. Hence, since the person sitting on my file saw that I was also a recipient of that email, it meant that if she did not act as expected, then I had the material to lodge a case of unethical conduct against her.

The author of the email called me and told me that if the matter was not resolved by a certain time that day, I should give him/her a call.

I don’t know what propaganda the person sitting on my file had been fend by Mossad, since she completely refused to act on the matter, even after that email. So, I called the person at the headquarters, who assured me that he/she would handle the matter personally and resolve it before leaving the office.

And that is what happened. I received another email later from the same person confirming the matter had been concluded. I was quite impressed.

I also reported the matter to the Crime and Corruption Commission.


Due to the very unusual, evil and debased schemes against me, I have wondered, why is such a major criminal organisation not classified as such? So I have decided to search online, and try to understand what exactly motivates Mossad, and its sponsors.