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Secret To Mossad’s Success – The Robot

After many years of torment, sabotage and diabolical terror from Mossad, I have come to discover the unique advantages that the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service(ISIS) enjoys, and that make them so successful.

For instance, Mossad is able to recruit very unlikely people to help them out – the unknowing associates. These unknowing associates come from varied backgrounds – some are even extremely successful in their careers. So how does Mossad do this?

They use the robot. These robots are people who, on the surface, look and act like everyone else. They could be top surgeons, successful entrepreneurs, civil servants etc. They are normally quite harmless, but once activated by Mossad, they will do what is asked of them without asking any question.

Consequently, they are able to do a lot of underground work for Mossad without being discovered, including, but not limited to, availing otherwise classified information and materials, and recruiting unknowing colleagues and associates, who will then become the unknowing associates – doing Mossad’s hatchet jobs without knowing they are working for Mossad.


When you are hunted continuously, you will eventually recognise some or most of the hunter’s tactics. In my case, it has reached a point whereby I have been able to predict that Mossad will do something before they did it. Unfortunately, I cannot write about most of these situations because of privacy reasons.

One day, someone I know had gone to a certain public gathering. I later told this person: “I was surprised to know that X made it to the meeting…” Now, I have never met X, I was not at the meeting, and I did not know X was at the meeting.

But I knew that it would absolutely be in Mossad’s interest for X to be in that meeting, and to meet with the person known to me. From my understanding of Mossad behaviour, that is an opportunity they couldn’t miss, because through that meeting, they were hoping to score a very major advantage against me. So, I predicted X would be there to meet the person known to me, but I didn’t want to present it as a question.

The person known to me was astonished. “How did you know that?” the person asked, amazed, and believing that someone must have told me.


There was a time I was working the night shift. Driving at around midnight to 2 am, I usually drove for minutes without noticing any other car nearby. At one place, while driving along an overpass to join another highway below, there was a sharp, sloping bend, and it would be all dark around.

For some reason, everytime I drove along that spot at that time, I would tell myself: “One night, you will find a huge rock here.” Consequently, I always slowed down at that spot, and would always switch on my full-beam lights.

And indeed, one night, I found a huge rock at the centre of the road. I was sure it was just a coincidence. Because of the slow speed and bright full beam light, I was able to avoid hitting it.


The peak regarding my problems at work at SCGH started in mid 2015. Coincidentally, Dr. David Russell-Weisz, started working as WA Director General of Health in mid 2015.