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The M Vendetta Book

A few professionals suspect that George could be a very dangerous criminal. They ask ‘M’ organization to look into the matter. They preferred ‘M’ to the police because they wanted the suspicious-looking George to be subjected to painful extra-legal punishment if ‘found guilty’.

Case of mistaken identity

The Unknowing Actualize, the Schemers Camouflage.

‘M’ also conclude George is not who he said he was and was most probably a person who would be a danger to them too. ‘M’ overreacts and sends a female agent to murder George. She fumbles and fails to accomplish the task.

George discovers the persons behind the assassination attempt are no ordinary people- they are too highly placed in the social-economic ladder. Because of his unusual wretched circumstances, he is certain that no one would believe his story. He decides to lie low, hoping that ‘M’ would soon realize their mistake and let him live his simple life peacefully.

He was hugely mistaken.

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Meanwhile ‘M’ discover George was just a harmless, albeit unlikable sod. Unfortunately, as long as he was alive, there would always be the risk that the failed mission to kill him could become public and expose ‘M’ involvement.

Such a scenario would cause irrepairable damage to M’s reputation. There was only one solution. George had to die.

Several events led George to discover that ‘M’ wanted him dead; this time not because of mistaken identity, but because of what he knew about the assassination attempt.

For years now, George had been trying to find a link between ‘M’ and what he knew were people sent by ‘M’ to create an ‘atmosphere that would enable his demise without ever linking the events to ‘M’’. George had realized that ‘M’ agents were too excellent in their work, with layers upon layers of people between them and what he called the ‘Actualizers’. The fact that ‘M’ had unlimited money didn’t hurt their advantage either.

George’s Problem

The Actualizers do not know that they are cogs in a conspiracy whose end result is murder. They have no inkling whatsoever that they are helping ‘M’ commit criminal acts. They are good people who believe they are only engaging in harmless, albeit edgy activities to please ‘friends’. If they discovered the truth, George’s problems would be over.

M’s Problem

Chief to the head of ‘George Team’, Ronnie: “This has been going on for far too long. How much more time do you need to finish this thing?”
Ronnie: “The problem sir is that the subject knows we want him…you know…”
Chief: “So what? Tell me what you are doing to finish this a****le, not what he knows.”
Ronnie: “We are working really hard sir. We want to make him jobless and homeless first. We already have him tottering on bankruptcy. The rest will then be easy.”
Chief: “Four years ago, you told me you will complete the job in four weeks. That never happened…”
Ronnie: “Sir, some…”
Chief: “Don’t interrupt me! Two years ago, you were to finish the job in 2 months. That didn’t happen. Tell me what you are doing different this time.”

Meet the Actualizers – the Unknowing parties. Feel the power of M – Camouflagery masters.

It’s a book about vigilantism gone out of control.

Chief: “If George will not willingly become a criminal, it’s your job to make him one. It’s all about perceptions. And perceptions can be manipulated.”