How The Underground Mafia Attacks Children

They operate stealthily in the shadows. They are extremely callous. They are absolutely immoral. They are diabolically efficient. When they target a person for destruction, they spare nobody that has even the slightest connection to their subject. They go after the spouse, kids, relatives, friends, acquaintances, colleagues and the family pets.

I have had problems with The Underground Mafia (TUM) for quite sometime. Even then, I never expected them to go after my kids. But they did. They go after children because it is far much easier to manipulate them than grown ups.

I do not want to repeat what my young child wrote (link above), and for obvious reasons I do not want to write about the satanic stuff TUM did to my kid that was not included in the previous post. Instead I will use an analogy to show how evil TUM is.

You come home from work quite exhausted. You place your phone on the table like you always do and proceed to the bedroom. You return after about an hour or so, only to realize the phone has disappeared. The only other person in the house is your ten-year-old kid who has no clue as to the whereabouts of the phone. You continue searching for the phone in all places you think it might be, even though you are certain you placed it on the table next to the couch. Finally, you find it in the kitchen sink, wet, dirty and totally useless.

You ask your kid, ‘why did you throw my phone in the sink?’ You expect some explanation about some accident, but your child firmly denies being responsible. You don’t know what to think.

A few days later, you buy another phone. A week later, you find it in the kitchen sink, wet, dirty and totally unusable.

Your child totally denies being responsible, yet you are certain he did it. So, you buy another phone and set a trap. Finally, you catch him in the act. But your problem is not over. You cannot think about why he would do it. Your child has always been well-behaved and obedient.

‘Someone must have made him do it’, you tell yourself. ‘But who? And why? Why would my kid risk all the possible consequences if I found out? Why would he want to hurt me?’

You cajole the child, you plead, you threaten, until finally you find out that he did it believing its okay to do so. He is very surprised that you are angry at him for doing that. The Underground Mafia has brainwashed and used your own kid against you. That is how wicked TUM is.

The person they will use against you, they will first brainwash, so they think what they are doing to you or against you is somehow good for you, or necessary for the common good. And that person (or TUM tool) is also convinced that it is in everyone’s interest for their actions to remain secret.

Behind a child’s brainwashing, is another child, and behind that is an adult…

Welcome to TUM tactics. They are:
1. So bizarre, you would never think it possible. You are caught off-guard.
2. So unbelievable that other people would, well, not believe it if you told them.
3. So embarrassing that you wouldn’t want to share with another person.
4. So heartbreaking and demoralizing that it might make family members turn upon one another in desperation.

In my case, I was in total shock when I realized The Underground Mafia had gone after my kid. I was utterly confused.

Israel’s Mossad is not what many people think it is. It is merely an over-glorified criminal organisation. What kind of spy agency would attack someone’s small children just because they don’t like the parent?

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