How The Underground Mafia Hypnotizes Kids

The Underground Mafia likes targeting children because they:
1. Are easy to manipulate
2. Can easily be convinced to keep a secret
3. Can easily be hypnotized.

Years ago, about two weeks after I got my first job, my boss invited me for lunch in his house. During the meal, he said something that made me almost choke on my food in shock. It was about something he said he was planning to do.

Seeing my shock, he attempted to explain his logic. But something that he said startled me even further. He said, ‘When you look at it, it is very clever of me to do that because no one will ever suspect me of doing it.’

He was absolutely right about that. No one would ever suspect him because it was something so evil and sick that a reasonable person wouldn’t be expected to do it regardless of whether other people would find out or not.

After interacting with the man for some time, I realized that the only reasons preventing him from doing the most despicable things was that:
1. People might know about it, and he would be in deep trouble with society, or
2. He might be arrested if what he did was illegal and there were witnesses.

Conversely, he could do anything, however evil, if he was certain no one would ever know about it.

The Underground Mafia is in this category. They engage in the most wicked things. Yet, they are absolutely terrified of being found out. They therefore go to great lengths to hide their involvement in evil activities.


The Underground Mafia care a lot about public opinion. They cannot risk a situation where a kid would say, ‘John told me to do that’, if caught doing terrible things. So, they resort to hypnosis.

I noticed my kid having unusual behavior and decided to pay close observation. After I got convinced something was wrong, I decided to hack into my kids’ phones. I discovered what I can only term as concerted effort to hypnotise and destroy my child. I also noticed that the hypnosis was done is such a manner that, even if it was discovered, it would be virtually impossible to have the perpetrators pursued legally.

I do not want to use exact words or phrases that they used, so I will use an analogy.

Some person sends your child a social media message at 4 a.m. saying ‘I just heard a car pass outside our house’. Same person sends same message twenty minutes later…Five such messages within one hour.

At 4 in the morning? You look carefully at the logs and find that, that same phrase is used fifty times in three days. You know it must be coded message.

By looking at times when certain phrases were used and noting the time when my kid did unacceptable/bad/wrong activities, I was able to decipher the meaning of those coded phrases. And it was bad.

The repetition, I think, was meant to hypnotise the child, so the kid would do as directed without thinking.

But there were other messages that were direct, though written in such a manner that the sender could not legally be found liable of corrupting the morals of a child. One again, I will use an analogy.

‘I just threw mom’s phone into the sink. What do you think?’ That sentence is sent to a child many times within a short period of time, different persons also confirming they have just ‘thrown mum’s phone into the sink’.

The intent behind the barrage of such messages is obvious. Yet, technically, no crime has been committed.

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