Manipulation of Online Search Results

I recently emailed someone and told him to get some information from my website. The person told me he couldn’t find my website through search. I thought maybe he didn’t do the search correctly because they appear when I do online search from my computer and phone.

Anyway, I decided to mask my IP address and tried the search using 2 popular search engines. Nothing. I did the same anonymous search with my phone. Still, nothing.

I used another computer, still hiding my real IP address. Same result. I tried the search again, this time without masking IP address. The website appeared at the top of search results.

Who has the power to do that? To provide me with normal search results for my website, while distorting the results for everyone else. Actually, removing the website completely from search when the ip is different.

Unfortunately, it creates the impression that I could have wronged some very powerful people. Yet I have never done that.

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