Mossad Agents at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital

Joseph who claimed to come from Eritrea, Tamara, who claimed to come from Zimbabwe. And Svetlana/Katerina (or similar name), who said she came from a country in Eastern Europe.

It was ‘Joseph’ who stalked me for several days, giving me cock and bull stories, fishing, till I decided to look him in the eye. And I saw death. As for Svetlana/Katerina, she stalked me for months, then finally went for the kill.

As for the torture by heat, that was done behind the scenes.


Barbara, a senior official at SCGH. Second name might be starting with an ’S’. Her’s is the only office without a name tag.

Brenda, who attempts to force an accent from a European country. Angie, who seemed conflicted. Compact, short guy, very good with a knife. Can’t recall the name. He was close to Barbara.

Others include Denise, a low level employee, but quite active in Mossad activities. A staffer in catering department who had a daughter who had studied nursing. Can’t recall the name.

What is done in the dark, Comes to light.

“They are looking for honest crooks. They take people like me – I’m not a crook, I’m a very obedient citizen of the country of Israel – and then they teach you how to steal, and they teach you, sometimes, to kill, and they teach you to do things which normal people don’t do, actually criminals do,” Gad Shimron, a former Mossad agent, told the BBC in 2010 (link above).

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