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SCGH: Mossad’s Show of Force

The number one reason I wanted to work in a public facility is because I naively thought Mossad wouldn’t follow me there. I soon realised I was very mistaken.

When hired at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, SCGH, I first went through a probationary period before the appointment was confirmed. It was during this period, just a few weeks into the job, that I went into a room where there was one patient lying in bed. I was looking away from her when she said: “You know, I’m not sick at all.”

I said, without turning: “That’s good. It means the treatment worked…”

She replied: “No, no, I mean, I wasn’t sick, I did not come here because I was sick!” Now, that got my attention, since I wondered, how can someone be admitted in hospital if she was not sick? I turned to look at her, expecting an explanation.

Instead of offering an explanation, she did something that I will not write about here, apart from saying, she committed sexual harassment against me. I left the room and thought about how to proceed. I thought about reporting the incident, but upon reflecting about the matter, I didn’t think anybody would believe me.

Such an incident had probably never happened in the hospital before. I was a man accusing a woman of sexual harassment, and not just any woman, it is a patient! I knew I was on probationary terms…I decided to let the matter pass.

I knew right away who was behind the incident. In a hospital? I thought about all the logistics involved…Organising everything so that I would eventually be in a room alone with the ‘patient’ was no small task. I realised Mossad had their people inside the hospital, and I needed to be extra careful even there.

Psychological Warfare

I have written in a previous post that insults did not have an effect on me. But there were psychological games Mossad played on me that had real devastating effect. Because of privacy reasons, I will change some words used.

So I meet a patient, and he asks me: “How did you arrive in the morning, by bus or car?” (I have changed the exact questions for privacy reasons)
Me: “car.”
Patient: “What model?”
Me: “Model X.”
Patient: “What is the year of manufacture?”
Me: “2000.”
Patient: “What is its cc?”
Me: “2500.”

A few minutes later, I meet another patient. He asks me the same questions as the first patient. I meet a third patient, same questions. By the time the seventh patient asks me the same questions, I am so stressed. I know I am being made fun of.

At this juncture, I will happen to be near an employee who I know does not like the things Mossad & associates are doing to me. A patient nearby shouts at me the same questions. I try to change the subject, and generally it shows on my face that I don’t appreciate being asked that question. I can see this good employee feels I am behaving badly. Why not just answer the question?

Since I don’t want to appear ridiculous by explaining what has been happening since morning, I try to explain that I am just tired…but I can see this employee is wondering whether indeed I could be a bad person as some are saying.

One day, after such a routine where I was asked same questions by countless patients, I later went to a room where there were four older ladies, all tucked in bed. Just after entering the room, one lady said very loudly and cheerfully, “Good morning!” and the other ladies all repeated the same greeting, very enthusiastically. I also said good morning, and felt really cheered up, and was actually smiling.

“What jolly ladies!” I thought happily. Then, it was all quiet for a few seconds, before the lady who greeted me first said loudly, to the other three: “So, like I was saying, there comes my grandson, and do you know what he was driving? A 2000 Model X with 2500cc engine capacity!”

My smile immediately disappeared. I felt so deflated. I felt really stressed. I asked myself: “Am I dreaming, or is this really real?” I looked at them, especially the one who had just said that, and their behaviour told me that they knew what they were doing. That statement was directed at me. I asked myself: “All this work just because you don’t want me working here?”

As I was going home, I wondered again and again, “How can Mossad organise something so complicated? And so many people involved…”

Mind Games

I was once in a room, but was in a hurry. A certain patient was trying to have small talk with me, but I really wanted to go since I was needed elsewhere. But she insisted, almost in a panic, speaking and gesturing at the same time, indicating that what she wanted to tell me was so important and should I please at least listen? I decided to listen to what she had to say.

She told me that there was a certain short movie she had seen, and it was shot recently in my birth country. She praised it so much, giving me many reasons why I should make sure I watched it. So I asked her where I could get it. She told me it was available online and was free. She told me the title, and repeated it several times, even saying the words slowly so I could not confuse its title with another.

As I left, she reminded me to make sure I watched it that night so I could tell her the next day what I thought about it. So, when I arrived home, I decided to search online for the movie.

I searched and searched, but I couldn’t find it. I even searched for any movies from the country in the previous two years, although she had told me it had been shot less than six months earlier. Still, nothing.

I started suspecting there was no such movie. So why did she tell me to search for the movie? “There has to be a reason”, I thought. I remembered she had really insisted on me doing an online search, so I decided to search for the title again, this time checking what comes up on top for that search term.

I saw all the top sites were referring to the same story. So I decided to read that story. After reading a few lines, I realised that is what she wanted me to read. It had nothing to do with my country of birth. But it had the effect of making me depressed. So, once again, that ‘patient’ was a plant.


From the events described above, and many other similar incidents, it is clear that Mossad has used a lot of resources, in their harassment and torment strategy against me. This has the effect of making me appear suspicious to a neutral observer.

But I would like to state the following: If Mossad has such a big problem with me because of something illegal I have done, they would have used their infinite resources to report the matter to the authorities and also publicise the case to the maximum. That has not happened. Therefore, I have not committed an illegality.

If it is about something unethical or immoral I might have done, once again, they would have used their enormous resources, not only to publicise the matter, but also to report to the concerned parties. That has not happened. So, it is not something unethical or immoral I have done.

Is it then that I am just a very dangerous person to their interests? How? I have never even held a gun in my hands. I have never been to any other country in my life, apart from my country of birth, and Australia. And Mossad knows that, definitely. So what is it about me that bothers Mossad so much? I hope Mossad could answer that question.