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Mossad, Stalking & Set-up

I never expected Mossad to defile a public facility as they followed me around, but they did. The facility is Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, SCGH.

While working at SCGH, I noticed a guy who seemed to be everywhere I went. I later came to learn his name was Ali. Although unusual for someone to appear at almost every place I went, it might not necessarily mean anything. But the guy behaved in a way to suggest he really wanted us to become acquainted.

I avoided that because of earlier experiences with Mossad. I started wondering whether the guy was following instructions fend to him by Mossad.

After ignoring the guy for several weeks, his handlers decided to force me to acknowledge his presence in another way.

Like in any workplace, a senior employee can learn before-hand where a worker would most likely be at a particular time.

So I was talking to this lady at the hospital when Ali approached, talked to her like someone he knows very well, and announced to me: ‘You are talking to my mum!’. She confirmed that she was his mum. It was so ridiculous, I mean, even a kid could tell it was all pre-planned.

He greeted me very enthusiastically and told me his name was Ali. I decided to play along, and told him my name. What followed was very unusual.

Normally, people who become friends start knowing about each other slowly. They could start by knowing each other’s names, have general conversations, and after some time, they would go on to the next stage where they could talk about their families etc. It might even take 6 months or more before 2 people become acquainted enough to talk about very personal issues.

But for Ali, it took about 6 hours for him to move from a total stranger to a ‘close friend’ discussing very personal matters with me, and expecting me to reciprocate. He did this by meeting me about 10 times within those 6 hours, and every time we met(or rather, when he came to where I was), he would move our ‘friendship’ a rung higher.

From his mannerisms, I knew he was not a Mossad agent, but someone working for a Mossad agent without knowing. The Mossad agent would, of course, be presenting himself/herself as someone else entirely.

As I was going home that evening, I thought about the Ali situation. I continued thinking about that matter even after arriving home. I concluded that Mossad had planned something very big for me at work the next morning, and Ali would probably be waiting for me at the main hospital entrance that I used every morning.

I speculated Mossad could have planned something regarding setting me up with an illegality, and Ali would be their link-man.

I was already aware that Mossad was trying very hard to have me be accused of committing a criminal act, and had been trying to set me up for years. Someone might ask, why would Mossad go to all those lengths just to set someone up? Why not just do it outside the hospital where it would be much easier?

The answer to that is this: I have seen Mossad employ tactics I have never heard about, never read about, and never even seen in a movie or any other media. Probably the reason they are so successful is because they use tactics that nobody knows about.

Back to the Ali situation. I decided that the next morning I would park at a different place, and use an entry to the hospital that I had never used before. The plan was to scuttle their plans for that day, and hope for the best.

That morning, I did as planned, and managed to avoid the guy for a couple of hours. Then something happened. A colleague, let me call him Zac (not his real name), a good gentleman, came for me, and told me I was needed somewhere. I followed him. He took me to a ‘common room’, a place where some employees could hang about in between shifts. He indicated I should wait for him, while he ran some errand for a second.

There were about 10 people standing around, with Ali being nearest to me, about 2 metres away. I behaved like I couldn’t tell him from Adam, and just stood there waiting for Zac to return.

When Zac returned after about a minute and saw me standing alone looking straight ahead, he seemed quite taken aback. It was obvious to me that is not what he was expecting. Of course, I also realised what was going on, but stayed calm.

Apparently, Zac and Ali knew each other, so Zac acknowledged Ali’s presence, at which point Ali came over to greet him. I greeted him, too. It appeared to me that Zac now wanted to go and leave me with Ali, which surprised me because it would then mean he was not taking me anywhere, but he only wanted me to meet Ali. It was very obvious that someone quite high up must have given Zac those instructions.

Someone was desperately trying to force a friendship between me and Ali, even going to the extent of sabotaging activities at the hospital, in the pursuit of that friendship.

Not wanting to risk finding out what was planned next, I quickly excused myself and left. I met Zac some minutes later. He seemed quite puzzled, because apparently, he expected me and Ali to be quite close. I told him the first time I ever spoke to the guy was the previous day, and I also explained how the guy claimed a certain lady who also worked at the hospital was his mother.

Zac appeared even more confused when he heard that. Then he asked me a certain question. I answered that question truthfully. It was obvious to me that Zac immediately recognised he had been set up. Someone had lied to him in order to get his cooperation.

Because it has proved impossible to get innocent people Mossad uses in its schemes to tell me who sent them, and what were their exact instructions, I have no choice but to use the questions they ask to try and figure out what exactly is going on.

The question Zac asked me implied that a very senior person had used lies to involve Zac in unethical conduct. As far as Zac was concerned, he was helping authorities so a very dangerous person could be removed from society. And the way I answered the question proved that a very senior person at the hospital was a criminal.

Zac quickly excused himself. His behaviour after that indicated clearly to me that, yes, he knew some people are committing criminal acts against me, or were planning to commit criminal acts against me, but he didn’t want to be involved, either on their side, or on my side.

Since I know Zac as a good man, every time we met, I would greet him, but he would always increase his strides, clearly trying as much as he could to avoid me. He never ever greeted me first after that incident. It was obvious he wished I would assume we have never met.

I guessed Zac behaved that way because he was worried that if he allowed me to talk to him, I might ask him about who had sent him that day, and what were his exact instructions. And he would be right.

Back to Ali. After that day, I didn’t want anything to do with him, but he was always stalking me. One day, I decided to act. I asked him: ‘Why do you let criminals use you to stalk another man?’

His reply was very telling. He said: ‘This matter is very complicated.’

He did not deny that he was working for criminals, and he did not deny that he was stalking me. I understood that to mean he was being blackmailed.

Anyway, after our brief conversation, I wanted to talk to him some more, but he avoided me. He never stalked me again.

I think Ali is a good man. Under the yoke of blackmail, he had to do what was demanded of him.

To Ali: No hard feelings. If you ever want to talk to me, I am always ready. Contact me through this website. Thanks.

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